XPRESS WAX - Carnauba/Polymer waxer


Xpress Wax quickly brightens and protects. Xpress Wax combines the natural protection factor of carnauba wax with high-tech polymer waxes to produce long-lasting protection with high-quality depth and shine. Xpress  Is designed for fast and easy application on a wide variety of vehicle finishes.


Xpress Wax is for use on trucks. motor homes, motorcycles, boats, and planes.

1. Wash dry vehicle prior to wax application.

2. snake container well before use to disperse active ingredients.

3. Apply With a clean, dry, towel or wax applicator. Spread a uniform light coat over pant surface.

4. product to dry. Wipe off with clean, dry, towel. Rotate towel regularly and polish bright finish. 

Xpress Wax | liquid Carnauba/Polimer Wax

SKU: C1201