VELOCITY GLAZE - Speed Hand Wax Velocity Glaze -


Velocity Glaze features a unique luxurious lotion-like emulsion system designed for ease of application and dust-free product removal. This product may be used as a speed hand wax, orbital wax, or DA machine polish in all detailing applications. We have formulated this product to be slightly moister to enhance dark or difficult-to-wax finishes. This product is perfect for all types of finishes including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and planes.


1. Wash, then dry vehicle prior to wax application.

2. Shake the container well before use to disperse active ingredients.

3. Apply with a clean, dry, towel or wax applicator. Spread a uniform light coat over the paint surface. 4.Allow product today. Wipe off with a clean, dry, towel. Rotate towel regularly and polish b bright finish.

Velocity Glaze | Speed Hand Wax

SKU: C1301