True Yue Concentrated Glass Cleaner is an excellent and effective water-based glass cleaner that removes road film, smoke, and dirt. True Vue Glass Cleaner may be diluted anywhere from up to 10:1 depending upon the desired performance. True Vue is perfect for both hot and cold weather applications with longer working hot weather and fast enough evaporation for cold climates.


1. Dilute product accordingly through ChemTROL Fill Station or by hand.

2. Spray apply properly diluted True Vue to the glass surface.

3. Use two towel methods for wiping glass, Towel #1 as pre-wipe and Towel #2 as a final wipe.

4. Flip towels regularly to maintain a clean towel surface.


Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the leather, plastic, or other related interior automotive parts due to possible discoloration.

True Vue, Concentrated Glass Cleaner

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