Epic Waterless Wash


Epic Waterless Wash is a polymer gloss intensifier that can be used on paint, metal, or glass to dean and shine Use Epic Waterless Wash as a traditional wax, quick detail spray or spray it on your vehicle betæen rinsing and drying for the easiest polish job ever. That's right! Just spray it on a wet or dry surface and wipe it Epic Waterless Wash outperforms the competition and will leave your finish slicker and shinier than any product on the market.

You and Epic Waterless Wash can give any ride an extreme gloss


I. Apply Epic Waterless Wash to a cool, dry surface in a shaded area.

2 Use two dean microfiber towels - one for applying the product and one for polishing to a bright finish.

3. Spray apply a light mist on a 2' x 2' area of the vehicle.

4. Using the microfiber towel, with very light pressure rub Epic thoroughly over the sprayed area until the firry haze that appears almost disappears,

P&S Epic Waterless Wash

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