Menzerna Super Finish Plus (SF-3800) is the perfectionist's choice for final polishing or jeweling paint to the ultimate in a super high-gloss finish. Using a high concentration of the finest quality aluminum oxide abrasive, Menzerna Super Finish Plus (SF-3800) removes faint compounding marks and light swirl marks with ease. The finely milled abrasives leave no dusting even with the higher performance of a concentrated formula. This performance edge will allow you to finish the job faster without any compromise, reducing time and increasing efficiency.


Use Menzerna Super Finish Plus (M-3800) after more aggressive polishing steps or to amp up the gloss of a car that is in near-perfect condition. Menzerna Super Finish Plus (M-3800) works equally well with dual-action or rotary polisher. Using a mild polishing or soft finishing pad in combination with a longer work time will generally yield the best results.

32 oz.

Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800 | Show Car Finish, 32oz

SKU: M-3800