Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish was the first heavy polish introduced to the aftermarket.  At the time, Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish set the detailing world on fire and garnered recognition for its ability to remove paint defects while leaving the finish near-flawless. Today Menzerna PO91E is particularly suited to refinishing weathered or worn paint.

Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish, affinely referred to as "IP" by its long-time users will remove up to 2000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint. It dusts a little more than most modern Menzerna polishes, but this acts to keep the polishing pad clean and free of contamination when polishing extremely faded or weathered paints.

Use Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish with a wool or foam polishing pad to remove moderate-to-heavy defects from all paint systems. Use a moderate amount of product and longer work times to achieve the best results

Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish, 32oz