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Showroom Enhancer -Last Touch Detail Spray - 1 Gallon


SHOWROOM ENHANCER: Is a synthetic detail and clay lubricant spray. It can be used on paint, Glass, Plastic and Chrome to produce an incredible shine with depth. Showroom Enhancer will gently remove dust, fingerprints and smudges leaving behind a flawless shine.


DIRECTIONS:Hand Wax 1- Spray Showroom Enhancer directly onto the area to be treated covering an area no larger that 3' x 3'2- Wipe Showroom Enhancer evenly over surface.3- Using a dry microfiber towel, lightly buff to a deep gloss.4- If using Showroom Enhancer as a clay lube simply spray onto area you will be treating. Keep area wet with product and this will create a slick surface for the clay bar.PRECAUTION: Do not use on vehicle controls, motorcycles seats, painted floors or any other surfaces where slipperiness may be dangerous due to loss of control. Surface should be free of dirt and applied onto a cool surface.

Finish Renu Showroom Enhancer

SKU: M009