Finish Renu Car Care ProductsLeather Renu - Rich Cream Blend w/ UV Protection


LEATHER RENU: Is a pH balanced concentrated premium water based leather conditioner that contains exotic oils and emulsifiers that will soak into the leather to restore it to it's soft natural feel. Leather Renu also seals and protects the surface from wear and tear and will bring the original lustre look and feel back DIRECTIONS:1. Shake Leather Renu well before application. 2. Apply Leather Renu using a sponge or microfiber towel. Use a liberal amount of product to area to ensure complete coverage. 3. Work Leather Renu into leather as if you were applying lotion to your skin


PRECAUTION: Do not use on vehicle controls, motorcycle seats, painted floors or any surfaces where slipperiness may be dangerous due to loss of control.

Finish Renu Leather Renu

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