Sizes: 500ml (17oz)


CarPro TRIX Tar & Iron Remover / Powerful Tar/Iron Fillings & Contaminants Cleaner: Blending the iron removing the power of Iron-X with the tar-dissolving capabilities of Tar-X, CarPro TRIX combines your vehicle decontamination needs into a single effective product. Perfect for time-pressed DIY or professional detailers, TRIX’s pH-balanced (pH-7) formula safely dissolves both organic and inorganic fall out in 1-step; thus streamlining the detailing process, and saving time and money on full details. TRIX is ideal for use on most vehicle surfaces and is a customer favorite for the rapid deep-cleaning of wheels. Be sure to rinse thoroughly out of all crevices and don't allow to dry on surfaces! Directions:
• Shake bottle (Do not allow to separate in bottle during use)• Spray across affected area• Allow to dwell approximately 4-5 minutes• Gently agitate with wash mitt• Thoroughly rinse all surfaces Precautions:
• Avoid polycarbonate headlights, clear bra material, and sensitive plastics• Avoid use in direct sun• Avoid allowing to dry surface• For unknown materials test on small area first• Use in ventilated area• Use hand and face protection

CarPro TRIX Tar & Iron Remover 500ml (17oz)

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