CarPro Reflect - High Gloss Finishing Polish (250ml)    


Produces an extremely reflective and glossy finish Diminishing abrasives and unique nanotech materials   CarPro Reflect Developed to complement the CQuartz line of nanotechnology coatings,


CarPro Reflect is one of the most advanced finishing polishes on the market. With a proprietary blend of fine rapidly-diminishing abrasives and sophisticated nano-abrasives, Reflect quickly removes holograms and light wash marring, revealing an intensely glossy finish. Tested and honed by detailers all over the world, Reflect has all the features that both hobbyists and professionals desire: supreme ease of use, fast working times, zero filling or masking of defects, consistent results on both hard and soft paint types, and a highly reflective mirror-like appearance that subsequently earned the polish its name. Welcome to the future of paintwork finishing technology.

CarPro Reflect | Super Fine Polish 250ml (8oz)

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