CarPro ClearCut Compound | Non-Dusting Compound 250ml (8oz)
CarPro ClearCut Compound | Non-Dusting Compound 250ml (8oz)


Next-Gen Compound - Cuts FAST! - Saves time
Zero Fillers - Low dusting
Removes p1000 grit and up - Body shop safe
Compatible with both Dual Action and Rotary machine
Compatible with a variety of foam, microfiber, and wool pads

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CarPro ClearCut 250ml - Fast Cut Compound

CarPro ClearCut is an extremely fast acting liquid abrasive built from the ground up for efficiency, performance, and speed!

CarPro ClearCut
Tired of spending countless hours cutting heavy defects out of the paint? Who isn't? For the past few years, CarPro has been working towards creating a fast and heavy cutting compound, vastly more aggressive than any compound CarPro has produced before! The result is... CarPro ClearCut! CarPro ClearCut is the compound you reach for BEFORE your finishing polish, such as Reflect! CarPro ClearCut was developed to QUICKLY remove defects whilst allowing you to easily view your work through the polish. Within 1-2 passes you can begin to watch the defects literally disappear before your eyes as the compound begins to become transparent. This allows you to continue cutting as needed OR stop as soon as the defects are removed and you find yourself ready for finishing polish. In some cases and with the correct combinations this incredible next-gen compound may also be used as a 1 step product!

Unlike compounds of the past, CarPro ClearCut has its own method of application for optimal results... reversing the traditional "heavy to light" method, we start with lighter pressure and finish heavy! Additionally, I find myself using a bit more compound with ClearCut than I do with traditional compounds. While ClearCut cuts like a Ginsu, it is also low dusting and wipes off with ease! Say goodbye to hours of wasted time and hello to efficiency and fewer labor costs!

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